PentiRefill Eco-Spray System is revolutionary technology, which protects our environment. Eco-spray does not release any gases into the atmosphere unlike normal aerosols and the eco-spray bottles can be refilled 10…100 times by a special machine designed by the development team.

Normal aerosol
Penti Refill System
Penti Refill Spray is homogenic in all positions of the bottle. Normal spray works only upright position.

- with this PentiRefill® Spray-System we can reduce more than 50 % of the production of aerosol bottles.

-with this PentiRefill® Spray-System we can reduce more than 50% of the waste of used aerosol bottles.

- with this PentiRefill® Spray-System we can reduce more than 80 % of “green house gases “ used in aerosols.

There is no more need for big production factories. We can plan smaller local enterprises, because there is no need any more to handle special gases which also need special safety directions/regulations.

After the eco-spray bottle is recycled multiple time and is no longer mechanically functional, it will be taken away from use and disposed easily. The baggage it self has no danger of explosion or catching fire. The waste instructions will be the same as the normal community waste rules.

These new flexible local enterprises which are selling, collecting and managing the spray bottles can also be used to recycle other community materials and packages.

There are all ready several references of users in Scandinavian and Central Europe e.g. Finnair , UPM-Kymmene, Rauma ,Ray-Money automation association, Salviafarm and Galena.